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  • how to work with networking in Debian terminal

    this will be an explainer about the “ip” command, and some general info about wifi commands in linux. first command we will use is ip: the “a” can be interchanged with “a”, “addr” or “address”, they all mean and do the same thing. references/further reading:

  • how to crossflash LSI 9300 HBA card

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  • how to use the sudo/su command

    in my previous project to set up CUPS on a x86 Debian PC, i had to learn something about the su command, since the OS doesn’t come with the command bundled. i was trying to explain this within that tutorial, but realized that it’s enough to break out into it’s own section. so, a bit…

  • Java environment variables in windows

    As a followup to my post about how to install Java, i want to do a bit of explaining about how to set up environment variables in windows. it’s pretty simple, but there are a lot of choices, so just doing the correct path first is the easiest. we will be creating the Java_Home variable,…

  • how to make wordpress posts appear as exerpts on homepage

    next project to work on, for this site. you’ll know its working when the pages have this!

  • how to flash subaru ECU to disable CEL codes

    problem statement: I am creating a placeholder to save my work as I go through this project. this page may not be complete or go through the whole process. i am learning how to do it on the fly as i go. i have a ‘small evap leak’ that I can’t track down, I have…

  • how to install java JDK on MacOS

    recently i had the situation where i needed to help a fellow tech enthusiast set up their Mac environment for java development. The first step is to actually get the darn thing installed, which i will try to explain and walk through below. intro first thing is a bit of background to understand how it’s…

  • how to set up a new mac as a development enviorment

    i recently got a new computer, and realized i had forgotten how to get all the tools i use, and in what order, since i have just been living with them and using them for so long without thinking about it. so i wanted to document this for myself (and maybe others) so i can…

  • is it 110VAC, or 120VAC?

    single phase AC recently, i took a trip to home depot, and while in the electrical depeartment i mentioned my house was “120” and was corrected by the electrical employee who said it is actually “110”. i thought i was right, so i had to check it out. from some quick internet research, and with…

  • interesting (to me) products at CES 2021

    as i find new interesting items this year, i will post them here! wifi 6E routers: bose sport earbuds bose website pioneer head unit anker chargers onkyo receivers