how to set up a new mac as a development enviorment

i recently got a new computer, and realized i had forgotten how to get all the tools i use, and in what order, since i have just been living with them and using them for so long without thinking about it. so i wanted to document this for myself (and maybe others) so i can go back and do it again when i need to.

start by launching a terminal, which will prompt you to install the latest mac dev tools. accept all that.

next, download iterm and copy the extracted file to the applications directory

next, install visual studio code by downloading and copying the executable to the applications directory.

to make NVM install go smoothly, we’ll run this command from your home directory in a terminal “touch ~/.zshrc”

then, install Node Version Manager by running their “scary” script located here:

then, use NVM to install the latest Node by just typing “nvm install node”. this should give you the npm command as well.

then you’ll need to clone a repo, i put mine in ~/Documents/source/

from within the directory, i cloned wordpress development branch by running:

git clone

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